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Little Bambinos

Think of the many proud moments you will have in your babys 1st year. The first time they smile at you and reach out to grab your hand. The first time they roll over or crawl across the room towards their favourite toy. The first time they let go of your hand to take their first steps. These are the milestones that we notice and celebrate but what about those changes that we miss or little things that change without us even realising. The way they raise their eyebrows at a new taste, the rate their hair grows and before you know it they need their 1st haircut and the way they no longer look like that newborn baby you once carried so carefully out of hospital, they are now a tiny little person with their own unique personality.

Little Bambinos is a wonderful scheme where you watch the mile stones your little one reaches throughout their first year.  Images are taken at 4 months, 8 months and at 1 year.

For just £25 you will have 3 portrait sessions with your little one and a choice of one picture from each.

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